EFF ‘founded on principle of non-corruption’ – Malema

julius malema EFF ‘founded on principle of non corruption’ – Malema

Julius Malema says the Economic Freedom Fighters will combat corruption and get rid of tenders in government.

The outfit, whose leader faces charges of corruption related to the issuing of Limpopo tenders, has not yet decided whether or not to form a political party.

A decision will be taken at its national assembly to be held in Gauteng before the end of the month.

Sporting a red beret with the letters EFF written in bold, Malema told journalists at the launch of the self-styled “protest movement” in Johannesburg his party would not tolerate corruption.

“This organisation is founded on the principle of anti-corruption. Anybody found guilty of corruption will not comfortably wear the EFF beret,” he said.

His Polokwane house was reportedly due to be auctioned off today to pay off his multi-million rand tax bill. However, Malema plainly denied he owned a house in the Limpopo capital.

He said those who were “persecuting” him would not succeed as they could not take away his soul.

Malema was one of the ANC leaders who was critical of the formation of the Congress of the People, which splintered away from the ANC in 2008.

He used to say it was “cold” outside the governing party.

Today he echoed the same sentiment, saying he was never served with a tax bill or criminal charges when he was still within the ANC fold.

Asked if the EFF would work with “high-profile” people such as former human settlement minister Tokyo Sexwale, Malema said the organisation expected financial and strategic support from people in powerful positions but would not expose them.

“They must remain in Cabinet. That’s where power is. If they are going to come (and join), we are not going to recruit them,” he said.

Well-known people who attended the launch included actor Fana Mokoena, socialite Kenny Kunene and prisoners’ rights activist Golden Miles Bhudu.

The organisation is planning to contest the 2014 elections, even though it is not yet registered as a political party with the Independent Electoral Commission.

The Soweto meeting will make a decision on its logo, manifesto and constitution.

Malema said it would continue its fight for the nationalisation of mines and land without compensation. He also said it would fight “against white supremacy and for the restoration of Africans’ dignity”.

“White South Africans, you are more than welcome to join us in the redistribution of land and wealth,” he said.

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