Paradox of Zim’s natural wealth

EDITOR — Allow me to add my voice to a story published in one of your editions about the collapse of companies in Manicaland Province despite the existence of vast mineral wealth in their backyard. In the very old days, when communities were faced with hunger, our ancestors used to point people in the direction of a solution which would guarantee the survival of thousands of people.
In modern day Zimbabwe, in Manicaland most notably the Chiadzwa area, some elders had been begging the ancestors to give them respite from successive years of drought.
The message they got was that their land was full of riches but whilst harnessing those riches would bring wealth to the community, it would also bring enemies.
Of course, telling that to a hungry man is not practical and the village elders got their way.
The first villagers to get their hands on the diamonds could not believe that the gems were virtually located on or just below the surface and one could use their hands to dig them out. One of those villagers was none other than Chief Newman Chiadzwa.
In no time the whole country had heard of the unfolding riches in Chiadzwa and people descended on the area like vultures.
As we now know, Chief Chiadzwa was incarcerated after being found in possession of diamonds worth a staggering US$200 million.
Such is the paradox of Zimbabwe’s natural wealth; with the right leadership it can bring massive development for the country and its people but with the current crop of leaders it has brought nothing but misery with all the villagers driven out of their ancestral homes by a ruthless government.
It is our sincere hope that someday this decline in Manicaland can be reversed and people can see some prosperity after years of being hoodwinked by ZANU-PF.
Peter Matongo




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