Public patience runs dry with SABC – minister

Yunus Carrim Public patience runs dry with SABC – minister

The South African public has reached the limit of its patience with the SABC and swift improvement is urgently needed, says the new minister of communications, Yunus Carrim.

A day after the announcement that Carrim is replacing the fired Dina Pule, Carrim said he is “excruciatingly aware of the need to stabilise the SABC board and its management. We need to improve its performance.”

Carrim is the fourth new minister of communications in six years while South Africa’s public broadcaster, currently with an interim SABC board, continues to stumble from crisis to crisis and the country’s long-delayed switch from analogue to digital terrestrial television broadcasting has become the joke of the African continent.

Carrim says “there is no reason why we cannot move with due expedition. We have these huge challenges and limited time, so we cannot afford not to move fast”.

“The plans for the SABC are not plans which I make alone,” he says.

“We simply have no choice. The public out there, the business community, trade union movements and society have reached a limit of tolerance about the difficulties we have been having in the SABC.

“We are all committed to work with the public out there in turning around the SABC and the ITC sector.”

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