ANC has a plan, says Cyril Ramaphosa

cryil ANC has a plan, says Cyril Ramaphosa

The ANC has better plans to improve the lives of South Africans, ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa has said.

“I saw your settlement, I was shocked and heartbroken because as the ANC we are not pleased.”

He was speaking at Diseteneng, an impoverish informal settlement near Polokwane, Limpopo, yesterday, during an ANC election campaign. The informal settlement lacks basic service delivery and has only two taps.

“I am not pleased about the conditions you are living in. The ANC wants to build better lives for all South Africans.”

He said the Polokwane local municipality had plans to develop the area.

“The mayor has shown us the plan and how they are planning to develop your area.”

He said he would tell President Jacob Zuma about the shocking conditions in Diseteneng.

“I will report that what I saw was not pleasing.”

He appealed to eligible voters to register and vote for the ANC.

“In the name of Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma, register and vote ANC.”

Ramaphosa met destitute families who told him they wanted better houses, water and electricity. He said the ANC had done much the past 20 years, building houses and providing education.

“Our mission is not yet over, in fact we have not yet started because we want to build and improve here.”

Ramaphosa started his campaign at the Polokwane taxi rank, speaking to taxi drivers and passengers.

Speaking during the Limpopo ANC Youth League dialogue in Polokwane, he said South Africa was still nursing the broken dreams created by the apartheid government, which had denied most blacks student access to better education.

“But today there is access to education,” he said, according to a Sapa correspondent.

Under apartheid, black miners had not been allowed to do blasting courses.

“They were prevented by law; the law said a black person may not handle dynamite, only the white person could do so.

“The ANC government made sure that black people can now become miners and handle dynamite, and blast the rocks,” said Ramaphosa.

The government had also made progress on education and housing provision, making sure that people had access to affordable medical service.

“The ANC government has opened enormous opportunity for people to get into business, to conduct business and to get into middle class,” he said.

“We are one of those countries where the middle class has been lifted, quite significantly, because in the middle classes income has gone up.

“Of course, during that period, the economic cycle in the world was not kind to us. It did not allow our economy to grow,” said Ramaphosa.

However, youth structures told Ramaphosa one after another that, despite the progress, things were falling apart.

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