Electricity: Make every cent count

piggy bank Electricity: Make every cent count

With at least 72% of South Africans cutting down expenses in their budget, you too may be wondering how best to shave off some costs so that you can keep up with inflation.

Watch the electricity meter:

» Save R480 a year by installing an energy-efficient shower head, which uses 40% less hot water. To test your shower head, hold a bucket under the shower head for 12 seconds. Measure the amount of water in the bucket with a measuring jug. If you have collected more than 2 litres of water, your shower head is inefficient.

» Cut 5% off your electricity bill by maintaining your geyser temperature at 60°C. First, switch off the electricity circuit at the mains. Then undo the cover over the electrical element of the geyser and adjust the thermostat using a screwdriver.

» Save R500 a year by insulating your geyser with a geyser blanket. Also insulate the water pipes leading from the geyser for the first 3 metres.

» Reduce the electricity used by your appliances by 5% to 10% by turning off your appliances at the plug. Appliances such as older televisions and DVD players, which remain on “standby” when not in use, can draw as much as 20% of the electricity they would use if they were on.

» Cut a further 10% off your total electricity bill by reducing your pool pump’s operating house to just 6 hours a day.

» Cut your lighting costs by 75% by installing compact fluorescent lamps. Lighting accounts for 17% to 20% of your electricity bill so make it a definite certainty to switch off lights in rooms that are unoccupied.– Information provided by the City of Cape Town

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