Generations’ Sophie Ndaba, pastor go to court

Sophie Ndaba Generations’ Sophie Ndaba, pastor go to court

The war between Generations actress Sophie Ndaba and her ex-husband Pastor Keith Harrington took an ugly turn this week with the former asking the police to confiscate the pastor’s firearm because she fears for her life.

Ndaba applied for a protection order at the Roodepoort Magistrates’ Court on Friday after suspecting that Harrington lied about selling his gun in September last year.

Earlier this week, Harrington applied for a protection order at the Secunda Magistrates’ Court in Mpumalanga, accusing Ndaba of verbally and emotionally abusing him on social networks and speaking to reporters about their ill-fated marriage.

Both Ndaba and Harrington spoke to City Press this week following a war of words that has been waged in public for months.

On Friday, Ndaba submitted proof that Harrington still owned the Norinco 9mm pistol and alleged he may have previously been abusive towards her.

This contradicts Harrington’s claims in his protection order application that he sold the gun in September.

Ndaba told the court that during one of their arguments, Harrington grabbed and threatened her after accusing her of cheating on him.

“He constantly accused me of cheating on him while he was verbally aggressive towards me. He insulted, humiliated and threatened to kill me with his gun as he forcefully took my phone,” she said.

“In July 2012, he asked me to take him back and promised me that he would go for counselling.

“In August 2012, we both then decided to move back together at a mutual venue to see if things will work out, but instead they got worse,” she claimed.

“He once came home late and drunk, and began to fight me. He shouted, swore at me and called me names. I’m pleading with the law to take his gun because I fear for my life.”

In his defence, Harrington insists that he sold the firearm and said it was still registered in his name because the buyer was struggling to obtain a firearm licence.

Ndaba also told City Press in an interview that Harrington smashed her car window with a dustbin and the shattered glass lacerated her face.

The pastor confirmed that he hit the driver’s side window with a dustbin but said it was because Ndaba had blocked his car.

“I did so because I thought she had called her people to come and kill me or beat me up because she has a habit of doing that. So I wanted to drive out.

“I could have put my hand into the broken windows and attacked her if I wanted to, but I didn’t,” said Harrington.

“But I can tell you that you are doing me a huge favour by publishing this story because she will be arrested for violating the order which stipulates that she should not speak to the media about me. She will go to jail by Sunday.”


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