The Christian in the cartel

graham power The Christian in the cartel

It’s not always easy to practice what you preach and Power Construction chairperson Graham Power may be a classic example.

According to the Competition Commission, Power Construction is one of three firms yet to settle for alleged violations of the Competition Act.

A source suggested the reason was because Graham Power was concerned about the reputational damage that will be caused to him and the Christian business organisation he has founded, Unashamedly Ethical, if he admits guilt and pays a fine.

Power is also the chairperson of the movement where businesses and individuals sign up to a code of conduct that governs how to conduct their business.

On Unashamedly Ethical’s website Graham Power states the organisation has 15 600 individual members and 3 500 companies have signed up.

The code of conduct reads as follows: “Members shall be honest and ethical in all their business dealings, including but not limited to:

» That members refuse to elicit, accept or pay any bribes, and to report those who do;

» That members negotiate and award all contracts with integrity;

» That members take no part in price fixing, collusion, fronting or misrepresentation of their business credentials and/or contributions to transformation;

» That members pay their taxes;

» That members pay reasonable salaries and wages, and pay them on time; and

» That members treat employees with dignity.

The code clearly proscribes the behaviour to which most of the other alleged cartel members have admitted guilt.

According to a note on Unashamedly Ethical’s website, written by Power, he says: “God gave the vision for Unashamedly Ethical through a clear early morning dream in October 2006.

“It took a few years for us to develop the infrastructure and identity of this movement before we finally launched it to the public in May 2010.

“Unashamedly Ethical has the task of helping people to ‘turn from their wicked ways’,” Power continues in the note.

“We trust that as we see more and more people taking the stand for ethics, values and clean living, we will see God ‘hearing from heaven, forgiving our sin and healing our land’.” Power signs the note: “Yours in Christ.”

Graham Power and Power Construction failed to respond to requests from City Press for comment.

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