€ remain firm despite surging Portuguese bond yield

The common currency starging the week on a firm bias despite a 57bps surge in Portuguese 10y yield on Friday and a downgrading of France. EURSEK, EURNOK & EURPLN all looks like bullish continuation patterns so all liked higher.

EURUSD still great uncertainty within the 1.2999 – 1.3123 range, EURAUD printed a new trend high but possible some signs of exhaustion worth keeping an eye at, USDJPY still risk an initial move lower however within the large bull triangle, EURSEK three consecutive days buying the mid body should be enough to push the pair higher, EURNOK Friday’s down and up move probably ended a minor correction so also liked higher together with EURPLN that should rise from its 4.2825-2965 buy zone, BUNDS entered a stronger resistance area, Portugal 10y rose 57bps to end at 7.51%, S&P500 a new record high close, OIL remains firm and will likely explore the high 109′s.

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