Medical male circumcision on the increase

initiation1 Medical male circumcision on the increase

Medical male circumcision is on the increase in Gauteng.

“More than 90 000 males underwent male medical circumcision in Gauteng public health facilities during the 2012/13 financial year,” the provincial health department said today.

It said 94 151 circumcisions had been conducted at 64 sites, including 41 clinics and two hospitals, across the province.

Medical male circumcision entails the full removal of the penis foreskin, fully exposing the head of the penis.

The department said Gauteng had seen a rising demand for this type of circumcision since the launch of the HIV counselling and testing campaign in 2010.

“All 64 sites provide patients with safe, clean and hygienic procedures. Upon arrival, one receives counselling to understand the procedure and its benefits.”

Meanwhile, two men accused of running an illegal initiation school were denied bail in the Barkly West Magistrates’ Court today, Northern Cape police said.

Winston Moleleki (38) and Joseph Makhasane (24) would be back in court on August 6, said Colonel Priscilla Naidu.

The two men were also charged with kidnapping two youngsters and forcing them to attend an initiation school.

They were hospitalised after botched circumcisions, said Naidu.

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