Highway riders

bikers Highway riders

When they’re not hanging out at their township clubhouse in Madadeni, KZN, the Real Kings ride in rallies to raise money for local orphanages.

Introducing the Real Kings (Newcastle Chapter) from the north-western corner of the Zulu Kingdom.

This region is known as Amajuba, the isiZulu word for ‘doves’, after the legendary Zulu King Shaka saw a flock of doves taking flight from a nearby forest. ‘kwaMajuba!’ exclaimed the warrior king. ‘This is the place of the doves.’

The Real Kings are the ‘friendly giants’ of the neighbourhood, despite their big growling bikes and tough leather jackets.

biker4 Highway riders

Sxova rides a classic Yamaha DragStar 650 Custom, with tassels for extra style. ‘Sxova means being chaotic, but in a good way,’ he explains with a wry grin.

 biker3 Highway riders

Bhula is the leader of the crew and goes by his clan name Rhadu. He rides a Honda VFR800. ‘This baby takes me anywhere,’ he says, climbing on his white steed. His bike has a horsepower of 108 and is admired by all for its beautiful lines.

 biker2 Highway riders

Nkosy, the ‘young gun’, tops the power stakes with his Suzuki SV1000 – a 120 horsepower bike, maximum speed 260km/h. The only thing faster than Nkosy is the lightning that accompanies the summer storms as they roll off the Drakensberg across the Amajuba plains.


Biker1 Highway riders

Ngwane has the poise of a chief as he sits on his Honda VFR750, which has a top speed of 250km/h. His rider name is a tribute to the great Ngwane clan, of which he is a member. ‘We just wanna be respected on the roads,’ he says as he opens the throttle and heads off into the night.

biker Highway riders

Croc rides the highway to heaven on his Kawasaki ER-6f. His name comes from his surname – Ngwenya, the isiZulu word for ‘crocodile’. Below the angel wings that grace his shoulders he’s got a badge that reads: ‘I ♥ Jesus and ride a motorcycle.’

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