The lynching of Trayvon Martin

Letter From America

IT is about race.trayvon-martinLynching was a custom of race superiority practiced by white racists after emancipation to remind blacks of their inferior status in society. The custom is apparently still in practice today. Lynching involves beating, maiming or shooting a black who walks through a white neighbourhood, makes a pass at a white woman, or killing a black riding in a Class A railway coach.
The other part of lynching is that if the perpetrators are apprehended and brought before an all-white jury, that jury has a duty to find them not guilty of a crime. It is alright to kill a black.
Last Saturday, at midnight, such a case came to a conclusion after 17 months in a court of law. A troubled teenage boy, suspended from school for a few days for non-compliant behaviour was walking to his father’s house in a gated neighbourhood. The sky was gloomy and there were some showers. The boy, in an attempt to shield himself from the elements wore a hoodie over his head. He carried two skittles (some munchies) in his hand, was minding his own business and doing no injury to anybody.
A white man, George Zimmerman, used a racial slur in reporting the presence of Trayvon in his neighbourhood. He hated black “punks”  so he said. The boy sensing danger, telephoned a woman friend, reporting that a “white-(donkey) cracker was following him.” Zimmerman had been told by police not to follow the boy, or to leave his car. But Zimmerman strongly objected to the presence of a black punk, that he left his car, initiated a conformation and shot the boy dead.
Reverend Jesse Jackson noted that the prosecution was all white and lackadaisical, the judge was a white woman, and the jury consisted of six white women.  The ruling came as a shock only to those who are ignorant of history of race based brutality against black people. The jury it loudly and clearly, it was alright to kill the boy. “So say ye, one and all,” asked the judge.
Zimmerman did not say a word in court. His defence said that he, Zimmerman, armed with a pistol, was afraid of a 17-year-old black boy and that he shot him in self-defence.
 Break-ins involving black youths had occurred in that neighbourhood before. So Citizen Zimmerman was not taking any chances.
I have lived in the United States for 34 years. I have yet to hear of a case where a white youth was confronted by a black vigilante and shot to death while visiting his father. The fact that these things happen only to blacks is why race is central to this case.
There is a long list of cases where blacks have been shot or beaten up for no other reason other than that they were black. In the Zimmerman case, the police did not even come to investigate the case quickly and Trayvon’s body was left in the rain for close to 12 hours. Zimmerman was free for a month until  Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton objected.
The case of Rodney King in California was similar. Thirteen policemen who beat him up said that he threated their lives. Were it not of a citizen video, the case would never have been brought to court. The 13 were exonerated anyway, provoking riots which tore up the City of Los Angeles.
New York resident Patrick Louima was opening the door of his house when several bullets ripped his body. Police were commended for their heroic deeds. Again, were it not for the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People, the police would have gotten away with this foul deed.
Professor Henry Louis Gates was handcuffed in his own house at Harvard because a policeman could not appreciate the fact that a black man was elevated enough to live there. The policeman received  commendations.
The case of Brother Trayvon therefore fits this narrative. The judge, the attorneys were full of praise for themselves.  “We live in the greatest country on earth,” the defence attorney said. “We have the greatest system of justice, and now the jury has spoken.”
Seventeen cities have experienced riots even as we speak and 17 brothers and sisters have been locked up in Los Angeles for overturning a police car and putting it on fire. “Where there is no justice, there is no peace,” was their illegal slogan.
Republicans are generally satisfiedwith this kind of behaviour. Unfortunately, it draws blacks into the Democratic Party orbit in a vice grip. Blacks, who form a 35 million population block, therefore vote for Democrats, no matter what. This tribal vote is very dangerous for a democracy. It encourages corruption when politicians are assured of a certain vote no matter how corrupt they are.
Zimmerman captured an old age tradition that regards the black man as a “boogie man.”
A boogie man is by legend, a tall black man, evil in body and thought, who steals misbehaving children.
The greater issue here is that the US portends to represent the better part of the human race. The Trayvon case shows that the US colossus has feet of clay.
Whenever a US ambassador gives me a lecture about human rights, I will quietly take up my board and say: Look in the mirror. Stupid!




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