Women not sexual objects – Thandi Modise

thandi modise Women not sexual objects – Thandi Modise

Women are not sexual objects and men should condemn abusive behaviour towards women, North West premier Thandi Modise has said.

“It is unthinkable that there are still men out there who believe that they can use women as sexual objects,” Modise said in a statement yesterday.

“We cannot allow a situation where women are used as sexual commodities that can be bought for the pleasure of men.”

Modise was reacting to a report in the Sowetan newspaper yesterday that a woman’s abusive boyfriend slept with her daughter because he was providing for the family.

The paper reported the man told the 46-year-old mother from the Seraleng RDP settlement outside Rustenburg that she was unattractive and that he wanted to sleep with her 21-year-old daughter.

He gave the mother and her other daughter R100 to move out.

Modise said police said incidents like that were not isolated and are widespread in the area but victims do not report abuse.

“We call on real men to stand up to be counted in the fight against the scourge of rape and any form of women abuse and for them to commit to protect women and children against abuse,” she said.



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