Health Bits: Eating for two can make your child fat

Zinhle Mapumulo e1359793077577 Health Bits: Eating for two can make your child fat

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» Eating for two during pregnancy may make your baby fat
Eating for two while you are pregnant will not only make you gain unnecessary weight but increase the risk of your baby being obese in future, new research has revealed.

The study, published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynaecology last week, assessed 172 women who were pregnant between 1995 and 2011 in Ontario, Canada.

It found that more than half gained excessive weight during pregnancy and those that gained the weight in the first half of the pregnancy were 2.7 times more likely to give birth to babies who were bigger and heavier, with more than 14% body fat.

» Why cranberry is good for your bladder
Eating cranberry has been associated with prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs) for decades.

But now researchers from Montreal’s McGill University have found how chemicals in cranberries alter bacterial behaviour in the bladder.

In a study, published in the Canadian Journal of Microbiology, scientists showed that increasing the concentration of cranberry powder reduced the bacteria’s production of urease, an enzyme that helps the infection to spread.

» What’s bugging your baby
A team of researchers from Brown University and Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island in the United States have developed a machine that analyses the causes behind your baby’s scream.

The machine is like a “window into the brain”. It allows for early intervention in cases where the baby has neurological problems or developmental disorders.

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