Mr Tender can’t pay his bills

SibusisoDeeboMzobe e1373876843678 Mr Tender can’t pay his bills

The man entrusted to run a R900 million food-security project on behalf of government is not paying his bills.

Today, City Press reveals that Deebo Mzobe, President Jacob Zuma’s cousin who manages the Masibambisane rural-development initiative NGO that Zuma chairs, has six default judgments against him for the nonpayment of school fees, loans and personal debt.

This raises fresh questions about Mzobe’s fitness to manage a multimillion-rand government project and about his own financial wellbeing.

Mzobe has, to date, refused to publish Masibambisane’s financial statements, claiming he pays for his own travel and accommodation at the five-star Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton.

Mzobe appeared alongside Zuma at a Masibambisane harvesting function in Dutywa on Wednesday, where the president criticised the media.

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