DIFF student review – Actorholic: Will SA audiences bite?

the 10 best sa films at the durban international film festival city press DIFF student review – Actorholic: Will SA audiences bite?

City Press is proud to host student reviews of the films on offer at the Durban International Film Festival. The students are postgraduates from the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Culture, Communication and Media Studies department. 

“The world is your oyster and I am your world!” declares Ramesh Dhoni to his wife in the new South African feature, Actorholic.

It’s a comedic tale of an actor who believes that his superb performance skills are underrated and that he is being overlooked for distinguished film roles. Ramesh (Vaneshran Arumugam) has a little more than a normal ego and decides to fake his death and live in solitude.

His camera crew and agent (Adam Neill) are also in on the secret. Following his “death” his life is diarised on camera on a daily basis. His perception of outside reality is determined via a film crew that documents his family through their grief.

To his surprise, in the outside world things are not going as he had thought they would. His family seems happier without him and his agent is making a fortune off the rights to his life story.

From his hideout, Ramesh has to decide whether to come back to life, or to remain dead.

British-born writer and director of the comedies I Now Pronounce You Black and White and Copposites, Oliver Rodger’s latest, is something new for a South African audience.

The storyline is straightforward, but the execution takes several dips and turns, adding a bit of suspense.

The humour is dry and witty. But it’s often too obscure and difficult to understand. At its worst it feels like just another episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

It’s not the kind of mainstream comedy South Africans usually buy into and it may not appeal to a very wide audience.

But try it out for yourself. It’s still showing on July 26 and 28.

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