Hijacked truck carrying deadly chemicals

cops Hijacked truck carrying deadly chemicals

A truck carrying hazardous material has been hijacked.

“It is alleged that the truck which was hijacked on Friday at midday (while) stopped at Halfway House in Midrand, and was carrying hazardous material – potassium cyanide. This chemical is used at mines to recover gold,” said Lieutenant Colonel Katlego Mogale yesterday.

The truck was destined for the South African mint.

She said the truck registration number was BX 62 XP GP. It has blue and grey writing engraved – “Krome Metal Chemicals” – on its tank.

“It was last traced through Tracker to Marlboro, where it disappeared.”

“Potassium cyanide is of a clear white colour, with an almond smell and is highly toxic. It can cause death if swallowed, smelt or touched,” she said.

Anyone who might have seen the truck or came into contact with its cargo was urged to contact Lieutenant Colonel Shibiri on 079 872 6965.

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