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Pinmore Penthouse What luxury means to me

Celebs dish their ideas on luxe.

Chiano Sky What luxury means to me

Chiano Sky

‘For me, it’s anything from furniture to shoes and clothes. It really depends on the quality and craftsmanship of the item. It is also about how it makes me feel –whether or not it’s a treat.’ – Chiano Sky, singer


Anele Mdoda  What luxury means to me

Anele Mdoda

‘Luxury, for me, is about freedom from caring what is in and what is out and instead opting for my own flavour. Being comfortable with yourself is the most luxury you will ever experience.’ – Anele Mdoda, 94.7 Highveld Stereo DJ

Nianell What luxury means to me


‘I experience luxury in the little things, like in the Ferrero Rocher chocolate I always have with my coffee after lunch, taking a bubble bath with my six-year-old triplets, and snuggling up with my husband to watch a DVD after we’ve put the girls to bed.’ – Nianell, singer

Dalen Lance What luxury means to me


‘Luxury is an experience that is opulent and out of the ordinary and surrounded by those I love. For example, sitting with close friends on a yacht off Camps Bay beach in summer and witnessing the beauty of the ocean and the coastline…It’s not just the yacht, but having friends around me, everyone being happy and appreciative and taking it all in.’ – Dalen Lance, Step Up or Step Out presenter


Khanyi Mbau What luxury means to me

Khanyi Mbau

‘In the past I’ve lived in penthouses that weren’t mine but now I’m blessed to live in a place I can actually call my own. That’s a luxury for me. It’s my sanctuary; it’s where I can be myself, let my hair down. I can’t put a price tag on that.’ – Khanyi Mbau, actress, singer and socialite


jack devnarain What luxury means to me

Jack Devnarain

‘I’ve never been captivated by luxuries and I’m indifferent to shiny things. If I had to indulge myself in sheer luxury, I’d say nothing beats the feeling of a bespoke suit – classic styling, dark colours and pure wool…’ – Jack Devnarain, Isidingo actor


Jo Ann Strauss What luxury means to me

Jo-Ann Strauss

‘The ultimate luxury is time. You can always get more money, but you can never get more time. I also love gorgeous shoes and quality luggage. I believe in looking the part – right down to having the perfect carry-on luggage with my initials on it.’ – Jo-Ann Strauss, former Miss South Africa and Glambition presenter


pabi moloi What luxury means to me

Pabi Moloi

‘My ultimate luxury is travel. I love to see the world and experience cultures, tastes and sights that are unfamiliar. My most indulgent trips have been to Cuba and to London to see Beyoncé in concert. It makes me smile to know I’m creating memories through my favourite luxury!’ – Pabi Moloi, Power FM DJ and Avon ambassador


David OSullivan What luxury means to me

David O’Sullivan

‘I feel I should be projecting the image of a person who’s on top of technology and looks to use items of luxury purely for self-gratification. But the item that epitomises luxury for me is a kitchen appliance – the Philips Air Fryer. It makes cooking the kids’ food so much easier and quicker. That means I have more time to enjoy my Apple TV.’ – David O’Sullivan, Talk Radio 702 host


Shashi Naidoo What luxury means to me

Shashi Naidoo

‘To me, luxury can be anything from splurging on a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, indulging in a slice of chocolate cheesecake or just spending time with the ones I love.’ – Shashi Naidoo, model and modelling agency owner


siya kolisi What luxury means to me

Siya Kolisi

‘Luxury is getting into a tailored suit and going out with my close friends. It’s also being part of the Stormers and Bok set-up – we are very fortunate to stay in some very luxurious hotels.’ – Siya Kolisi, Springbok rugby player


edith venter What luxury means to me

Edith Venter

‘Many people will automatically think of diamonds, beautiful homes, fast cars and highly priced labels. However, I have reached a stage where luxury means special time with my husband, family and friends, a day at the spa having the wonderful treatments our bodies crave, a special getaway, a delicious meal at a restaurant and finding time to just sit and listen to someone who needs to tell their story.’ – Edith Venter, businesswoman and socialite

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