ANC spin doctor’s appointment ‘further politicises NYDA’

Steven Ngubeni ANC spin doctor’s appointment ‘further politicises NYDA’

The Inkatha Freedom Party Youth Brigade and the Freedom Front Plus youth have objected to the appointment of Kenny Morolong as acting CEO of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) following the suspension of chief executive Steven Ngubeni.

This comes after the NYDA said Morolong, its deputy executive chairperson, would serve as acting CEO.

IFPYB chairperson Mkhuleko Hlengwa said Morolong could not be a “referee and player” in running the NYDA.

“The fact that Mr Morolong is also a member of the ANC North West PEC, and also the ANC spokesperson in that province entrenches further the politicisation of the NYDA,” he said.

FFPlus youth leader Wouter Wessels said it was unacceptable that Morolong, who was also the North West ANC spokesperson, was appointed.

Morolong was not immediately available for comment.

Meanwhile the youth wings of opposition parties have welcomed the suspension of Ngubeni.

It was long overdue, said the IFPYB.

“Mr Ngubeni has run the NYDA (in)to the ground, tattering its image, and denigrating its national identity, credibility, and integrity,” said Hlengwa in a statement.

The NYDA announced Ngubeni’s suspension late yesterday. It asked the public and the media to “allow investigations and human resource processes to follow due course”. No reasons were given for the suspension.

DA Youth leader Mbali Ntuli said NYDA board chairperson Yershen Pillay needed to explain the suspension.

“Reports in the media this morning (Thursday) imply that financial misconduct has taken place at NYDA. NYDA cannot cover up this latest crisis. Young people and the public need answers.”

She said the NYDA remained “little more than a deployment vehicle for (ANC) Youth League cadres to access state resources.

“NYDA is in disarray and is not able to effectively empower young South Africans. It is time to scrap this organisation, and rather spend the money on real programmes that actually impact people’s lives, like bursaries, better education, and a youth wage subsidy to create jobs,” Ntuli said.

The Freedom Front Plus youth said the NYDA should explain the move.

“There have already been various allegations of irregularities with regard to Mr Ngubeni in the past three years and it is high time that an investigation is launched,” Wessels said in a statement.

Since its inception, the NYDA had not been functional, but controversial with millions of rands spent on, among other things, festivals, he said.

Both the IFPYB and the FF Plus have previously laid complaints against the NYDA.

Wessels said: “It is unacceptable that a public institution which receives millions of rand of taxpayers’ money is not accountable to the public.”

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