Banking Software Development: Developers Disagree with Minister

OmobolaThe statement made by Mrs. Omobola Johnson, minister of communication technology, that software developers should concentrate on mobile apps that could be used in resolving local needs instead of concentrating efforts on development of banking software that may not be realised, is already generating some negative reactions from the industry. Specifically, local software developers said such comment is anti-development and is capable of discouraging developers who have sacrificed so much to develop a local banking software that could be acceptable internationally.

The local software developers are of the opinion that the minister should have come up with new initiatives on how to foster growth in the software industry and in the area of financial software solution that would compete with foreign solutions which has been widely patronised by Nigerian banks.
On the other hand, the statement by the minister also goes contrary to the objective of the Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (Ispon) which has been advocating the development of software solution for all sectors of the economy including banking, health and education.

Professor Chris Uwaje, president of Ispon, during a recent public forum, stated that local software, if properly developed, could compete with their foreign counterparts, as various initiatives by Ispon has revealed that the nation has what it takes to compete with others whether in developing software, innovative products, solutions, etc. As a pioneer in the area of software initiatives through various competitions, he has strongly appealed that emphasis should be placed in bridging the gap created by foreign software.
According to him, Nigeria should take a cue from India which has excelled in this area and which earns huge foreign revenue from software development.

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