BrighterSchools™ – Solar energy made simple for Missouri educators

Solar energy and schools pair perfectly together. Installing solar-panel systems at your school or in your district saves you money from day one, provides ready-made, hands-on learning opportunities, and creates a conversation about your school(s) and sustainability. With the complete BrighterSchools™ program, your school or district benefits from solar energy’s comprehensive advantages with three simple tools. It’s as easy as 123 (or ABC).

1. BrighterLease™ – Your Solar-Panel Systems

“It’s a win-win-win.” – Beth Feldman, School Board President, Parkway School District, referencing the financial, educational, and environmental attributes of BrighterLease™. 

With the BrighterLease™, your school or district leases solar panels from Brightergy and produces its own clean energy:

  • There are no up-front costs, so it’s cash-positive from day one.
  • The fixed monthly payments are less than you would have paid the utility for the same amount of generated electricity.
  • It’s maintenance-free for you because Brightergy owns the system.
  • An online tool, accessible by you, measures the energy production of the system. – And of course, a positive environmental impact comes standard.

Read the in-depth details of our Missouri solar-energy lease.

2. BrighterClassroom™ – Solar in Your School

“You have communicated the lessons extremely well and linked them to so many ‘teacher friendly’ resources (connections to standards, Essential Questions, rubrics, clear instructions for the lessons, etc.). I am excited to get started with the Professional Development opportunities and training.”  – Susan Zareh, 6th Grade Math Teacher Forsyth School, St. Louis, Missouri 

The installation of solar panels at your school or district creates a unique opportunity for hands-on learning about energy and the environment. BrighterClassroom™ targets a school’s existing math and/or science curriculum to provide supplemental material and instruction about energy forms and sources. Special emphasis is placed on photovoltaic technology as the students utilize their own school building as a learning lab and their school’s solar-panel array as a hands-on tool for research. 

The BrighterClassroom™ program was developed in conjunction with the EarthWays Center (EWC), a division of the Missouri Botanical Garden. EWC has delivered energy and recycling education in area K-12 schools since 1988. Their staff and programs have been recognized regionally for educational leadership. 

Download BrighterSchools™ Curriculum Overview

3. BrighterConversation™ – Your Solar Story

Solar power is more than just an energy saver: it’s a conversation starter, providing positive PR value for your school or district.

Every BrighterSchool™ receives a large monitor to display BrighterView™, a presentation of the school’s current energy production and its positive impact on the environment (it connects to the solar system’s production monitoring program). The display also shows photos of the school’s solar-energy system, as well as facts about solar-energy and how it works.

In addition to BrighterView™, we help scale the conversation and generate buzz with a social-media ecosystem comprised of a Tumblr pageFacebook tab and #mysolarschool hashtag. The ecosystem provides a home for photos, videos, news, projects and conversations being created as a result of your school or district’s solar-power installation and curriculum. Simple to manage, it acts as a bridge for communities and conversations between social-media platforms and the classroom, allowing for ideas and experiences to spread throughout your school or district and beyond.  We build the ecosystem, and when you’re ready, give you the reins to your new solar community.


The CGI U Connection

April 7, 2013 – President and Chelsea Clinton ended their Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) weekend in St. Louis with a Day of Action at Gateway STEM High School.

CGI U participants also celebrated the school’s new 25 kilowatt solar-energy system, donated in-kind by Brightergy.

Gateway students will learn from BrighterSchools™ lesson plans that integrate their system’s energy data with their existing curriculum. Gateway prepares its urban students through a curriculum emphasizing mathematics and science, integrated with career preparation in highly technical fields. Focused on the importance of education and jobs in STEM fields for America’s future, the President and Chelsea Clinton worked alongside CGI U students to make campus improvements, such as landscaping and performing energy audits.

See the buzz from that weekend around solar energy and schools – from social media to news stories – in our Storify post, Brightergy Celebrates Solar Energy with Clintons and Dorseys.

And check out the photo highlights in our portfolio page for Gateway STEM High School.

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