‘RIP, Comrade Vavi’

Zwelinzima Vavi ‘RIP, Comrade Vavi’

The news that Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi is embroiled in an alleged rape and blackmail scandal had Twitter in a frenzy. Here’s what they had to say.

Read: Vavi in ‘rape, blackmail’ scandal

The move against Vavi less than a year before elections is dumb. If I were ANC leader, I’d tell these people to stand down.

— Khaya Dlanga (@khayadlanga) July 27, 2013


Dear @Zwelinzima1 You owe me no apology for cheating.

— Gareth Cliff (@GarethCliff) July 27, 2013


Anyone except Mrs. Vavi doesn’t deserve anything from Zwelinzima either. Bunch of hypocrites all. — Gareth Cliff (@GarethCliff) July 27, 2013

#Vavi Men with power feel entitled, women love men with power. 1+1 = consensual infidelity. Rape is non consent. Let’s not confuse the 2 — Dr. Eve (@Dr_Eve) July 27, 2013

By default I’m programmed to believe a rape accuser before an accused. I’m a woman, bite me. Guilty until proven innocent. — Kananelo (@kaysexwale) July 27, 2013

It’s rare 2 find a married politician without a mistress in South Africa. Few guys can claim all round innocence including me. — Gayton McKenzie (@G_XCON) July 27, 2013


@City_Press When he started cheating, #Vavi gave his enemies ammunition to destroy him! And now they are rejoicing, popping champagne! — YZman (@ThaYZ1) July 27, 2013

Ah this guy! An affair this year while wife nursing?!RT @KgalemaZuma: “@City_Press: Vavi in rape, blackmail scandal: http://t.co/8OPBNe1gvz” — refilwe africa (@refilweafrica) July 27, 2013


@RotendaMangoma @City_Press it seems our leaders never learn, I mean after the JZ thing our polittians shud hav learnt a thing or two.

— Tsumbedzo Tshinavha (@tshinavha) July 27, 2013


@Neza4real Mr @Zwelinzima1 has apologised! Lets move on please. We all hv cheated once or more in our lives. Let’s nt behave like saints!

— Mo Seitlhamo (@Mo_Seitlhamo) July 27, 2013


@Zwelinzima1 ur enemies decided not to kill u but to set a trap 4 u, by using the most powerful force possible!!! a woman

— KagisoMoshwetsi (@KagisoMoshwetsi) July 27, 2013

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