Toyota Uganda Launches the Tough and Fuel Efficient Yamaha XTZ125E

About Yamaha
Toyota Uganda established in 2005 is owned 100% by Toyota Tsusho Corporation which is in turn a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation.
As a non-exclusive Distributer of Yamaha motorcycles, it is the only company offering Yamaha Manufacturer’s Warranty in Uganda. This Warranty is offered for 1 year/6,000km’s whichever comes first.
Toyota Uganda maintains a stock of over 400 motorcycles in the bond in Kampala including models such as DT125, DT175, AG100, AG200, YBR125E, YBR125G, XTZ125E, and Quad bikes, amongst others, whilst also having the ability to draw on Toyota Kenya Yamaha stocks located in Nairobi.
This obviously facilitates rapid delivery of motorcycles if requirement projections are communicated, Toyota Uganda can stock accordingly to improve availability.


Peter Matiru, Toyota Uganda Chief Operations Officer (Right) and David Mudangi , Yamaha Business Manager (Left) unveil the New XTZ125E

The New Yamaha XTZ125E is designed to be a versatile and reliable partner in work like transport, deliveries and business rounds, or for personal commuting from point to point.

It brings agile handling and a comfortable ride from the balanced combination of a light weight body and the deep and strong rotation and enjoyable feeling of acceleration from the engine.
Speaking at the launch, Mr. David Mudangi, Yamaha Business Manager, stated that the New Yamaha XTZ 125E boasts of an air-cooled 4-stroke engine that has been tried, tested and proven in use on a number of models that have won the trust and love of the people on five continents.
With their cleaner-running 4-stroke engines and light bodies, they are built to travel with ease and comfort, even on small trails where cars and trucks can’t go, and therefore help make life better and more fulfilling for countless people around the world.
The engines smooth performance makes it comfortable even on longer rides so the passengers ride becomes more enjoyable. It’s good fuel economy and durable parts keep running and maintenance costs low.

The bikes suspension is adjustable to accommodate different rider and load weights and it’s 21-inch front tire provides great stability while riding.

Yamaha’s on/off road models are used in cities and in rural areas all over the world today for a wide variety of purposes. These include not just in commercial and utility use but also as a dependable vehicle for transporting medical supplies, public transportation and by schools, local governments, NGOs and the police.

Whether you ride in town or out into the rural countryside, on paved or unpaved roads, you will find the acceleration, cruising, cornering and stopping performance that you want in a motorcycle with the XTZ125E.
XTZ125E Embodies the Yamahas ‘spirit of challenge’ engrained in the core of Yamaha DNA and reflects Yamaha’s design and engineering ideal of ‘light weight, slim and compact.’

The bike offers multi-purpose performance for comfortable riding on/or off-road, suitable for the wide and diverse range of businesses.
It is stress free to ride with easy handling, powerful enough to take on hard work and has a great cost performance that makes it a smart choice.

Toyota Uganda (Yamaha Section), Plot 4-6, Naguru Road, P.O.Box 31732 Kampala.
Tel: +256 41 4 343296 +256 31 2 266311 Email: Website:

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