Ask Maya – Why can’t I cash in my retirement annuity?

retirement Ask Maya – Why can’t I cash in my retirement annuity?

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Sibusiso writes:
I am 32 years old and have been unemployed since March 2012 and living off my provident fund since then.

In January 2013, I had to make my RA paid-up because I could no longer make the monthly premiums. I then requested my RA money to be paid out so that I could pay it towards my mortgage but was informed I was unable to do so.

I have taken the issue up with the Financial Services Board and Sars, both of which have given me a negative response. I have now received a final demand from the bank on my mortgage arrears. What recourse do I have?

Maya replies:
Unfortunately the law around retirement annuities is clear. You cannot draw down on it before retirement.

Government’s position is that they have given you a tax exemption on your contributions and therefore have the right to insist that you keep these funds for retirement.

You have no legal recourse with regards to your RA but I would suggest that you speak to your bank about your current situation.

You may have to consider selling your home before you are in a position where the bank forces you to sell and you have to accept a far lower offer.

Subsequent to the recommendation to Sibusiso to speak to his bank, he informed City Press that Nedbank has assisted him even though their lawyers had already issued a summons.

“Their programme is called Nedbank Assisted Sale (NAS).

“They sent their evaluator and then put a price on the property.

“They sent me a mandate contract and have assigned an estate agent to me.

“I am planning for the possibility of moving sooner than anticipated but my credit health will stay intact until I can afford to buy another property,” writes Sibusiso

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