Rape or extortion?: The recording

Zwelinzima Vavi Rape or extortion?: The recording

Zwelinzima Vavi’s wife Noluthando found herself at the centre of her husband’s alleged rape and blackmail scandal when she was confronted with a mysterious recording.

The recording, said Vavi in his oral response to Cosatu about the woman’s sexual harassment grievance, appeared related to the complainant’s claims to him that his office was being bugged.

The woman claimed a conversation in which she confronted him about the sex they had not being consensual had been recorded, and said she had received calls from “some people” about it.

She later claimed the recording had been dropped in her home postbox and it was only luck that she had found it, and not her husband.

She had promised to bring it to work but didn’t, and in June she sent him a message saying her husband had found it.

On the night of June 30, Noluthando received a WhatsApp message asking her to listen to a “voice” in private.

“My wife listened to this over and over in front of me. She got me to listen carefully.

“We concluded that the conversation between (the) complainant and myself was not taped from a bug in my office as the complainant had led me to believe, but the conversation was more than likely taped by the complainant in an attempt to get me to concede that the sexual encounter was not consensual.

Despite my wife’s anger, she immediately realised that I was being set up and told me so,” said Vavi in his statement. Noluthando decided to play along and exchanged several SMSes with the woman and her husband, whom she eventually met on July 1.

According to Vavi, the woman even pleaded with Noluthando not to leave him and said it “makes sense for us to work together on this and move forward”.

In one of their SMSes, the woman also told Noluthando that she would not lay charges.

The letter of demand for R2 million followed the meeting between Noluthando and the couple.


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