29TH JULY 2013- ACCRA, 1ST Annual Africa Innovation Forum by B&FT

The International Foundation for Africa Innovation (iFAI), in collaboration with the Business & Financial Times (B&FT), is hosting the first annual Africa Innovation Forum from August 6 to 7, 2013 at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra. Setting the pace for AFRICA.

Under the theme “Unleashing Innovation Leadership in Africa”, the event will provide a unique platform for CEOs and other corporate executives to acquire insights and knowledge on new trends in innovation and leadership from renowned practitioners.
We are presently on the cusp of a new dawn in Africa; the most successful companies and organisations in the coming years in Africa will be the ones who know where and how to discover and lead innovation and leadership will therefore decide the future of companies operating in Africa.

Facilitators will include Professor Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, Founder & President of iFAI and Professor of Marketing & Innovation Management, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS); Ms. Effeh Amoah (CEIBS EMBA), Director, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank, Ghana; Bright Simmons, CEO, mPedigree; and Ms. Linda Larbi (CIEBS EMBA), Regional Marketing Manager, The Coca Cola Bottling Company of Ghana Ltd.

The Africa Innovation Forum will enable participants to understand the special challenges of innovation in emerging economies; shift their focus from supply side to demand side to find new sources of value for customers; appreciate and use frameworks and tools for building innovation culture in their organisations; learn how to lead innovation to help their organisations create new products, services and business models necessary for success; comprehend and use models and frameworks to meet today’s business performance while at the same time innovating for the future; and also learn from practical case-studies of how to innovate speedily and at lower cost.

The forum is recommended for leaders of private and public organisations — including CEOs, directors, senior managers, strategic planners, corporate advisors, IT, operations, marketing, sales, R&D, product development, and manufacturing managers — who want to develop the capability to lead and manage innovation in their organisations.




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