Kaymo’s Korner: All hands on deck to restore cricket

KhanyisoTshwaku1 Kaymo’s Korner: All hands on deck to restore cricket

With Haroon Lorgat’s ascension to the post of chief executive, the coastal regions have all but consolidated their powerful grip on South African cricket.

We must hope absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, but instead ushers in a new dawn in cricket governance.

After all, it was at the hands of Gerald Majola from the Eastern Cape that Cricket SA (CSA) careened down the ravine into the seemingly never-ending abyss, from which they are still struggling to reappear.

Cricket does not seem to suffer from the same kind of provincialism that blighted rugby for so long.

But to restore its image, the game will require all hands on deck from all franchises and unions to point it in the right direction.

The unions did play a major role in buttressing the Majola regime and many of the big names from that script will feature in Lorgat’s movie.

During his time at CSA, Lorgat will have come to know all the big players and lapdogs in the whole sordid saga.

I don’t know whether Lorgat subscribes to the theory of the leopard’s spots, but it’s natural for people to smile before they show their true colours.

At least CSA seems to have picked a man with such a granite will it would make even Steve Waugh envious.

Perhaps the seeds of his unbending demeanour were sown by his dealings with a prickly Graeme Smith early on in Smith’s test career, as well as run-ins with the sergeant-major, Ray Jennings.

Lorgat is the only person to have deemed Mark Boucher surplus to requirements. With the clout Boucher was said to have wielded in the dressing room and the team, it was a very big call.

That steel has already been shown in Lorgat’s handling of the Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI).

It may be the richest board in the world, but there is no dictionary that puts success before respect, unless it is in the language of Hindi.

Pulling a tour, which at this point is still on, may have massive financial implications, but the BCCI needs to understand the cricket world is not an island.

Poorer boards may pull rank, but a Lorgat-led CSA, I hope, will not be wedgied by the bully boy BCCI.

It’s all well and good that the centre of power has shifted to Asia, because that is where the sport is a religion and an intravenous drug for its people.

But what needs to be done is for the BCCI to be reined in. With the International Cricket Council having shown malice throughout, maybe the insurrection should be at board level.

CSA and the BCCI may have had a special relationship, but someone now needs to stand up to them.

Lorgat may be the one person who can do it. But before that, keeping the CSA’s ship on an even keel is the immediate task.

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