Marie-Claire Matamba, representing Agrimat from Gabon won the Project Incubator Award

* Project Incubator Award offered/sponsored by EMRC – 5.000USD


Her resounding presentation and the strength of her project ensured her win. EMRC International asked Marie Claire a few questions upon her return to Gabon:

1. Tell us about your project and what drove you to present it at AFIF2013?

The Agrimat Gabon project is to expand its banana and create a field of cassava to produce more and sell more, because the demand is higher than supply.

2. You will be handed over 5000 US$ for your win. What do you plan to do this and how do you plan to expand/grow your project in the coming years?

With 5000 U.S. $, we will mechanize our project to increase production and productivity, such as buying a chainsaw for example. We will create some jobs. We intend to recruit an experienced agronomist to advise us about techniques that we do not know.

3. As a woman working in agriculture in Gabon, how do you view the current situation in Gabon in terms agriculture and how are women pushing boundaries in Gabon?

In Gabon, agriculture is not developed. Women still work in the traditional manner. But many are now interested in agriculture. To strengthen the agricultural sector, we need partners and donors. Women (I guess) are the pillars of this sector, they need to participate in agricultural trainings (I guess) organized by other countries to see how others work which will allow us to move from traditional farming to modern agriculture.

4. What would you suggest to anyone wanting to take part in the new Project Incubator Award Project in Kigali, Rwanda during AgriBusiness Forum 2013 in October?

I advise those who want to enter the contest and to have the courage o present their project clearly.


5. How would you describe your experience at AFIF2013 and what message would you give to those thinking of joining future EMRC events?

The AFIF2013 was a new world for me where I met several people I have not seen anywhere else. AFIF2013 enriched me encourage me to have faith in continue my work. I was touched by the sympathy that everyone had towards me, and I thank EMRC and AFIF2013 with all my heart.

EMRC events are wonderful times. The team is very dynamic, it knows how to encourage participants and I felts I could communicate easily and ask all sorts of questions whenever I could not understand. The team supports you until the end.

I take this opportunity to once again thank EMRC for all the patience you had towards me.

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