What Happens When Gary Shteyngart Wears Google Glass

Shteyngart Wears Glass

Emiliano Granado

Gary Shteyngart, author of the lovely Absurdistan and Super Sad True Love Story, was one of the unlikeliest winners of one of Google’s first test pairs of Google Glass. Super Sad True Love Story is highly skeptical that technology will actually improve our lives rather than imprison us; featured in the story are “credit poles” that broadcast your financial solvency as you walk by and a national obsession with fitness monitoring and life extension. It’s a grim, paranoid technocrat vision of the future, so we were tickled when Shteyngart applied for Google Glass by tweeting “#ifihadglass I could dream up new ideas for the TV adaptation of my novel Super Sad True Love Story.” And now he’s written about his experience wearing Glass at The New Yorker. It’s a great read, and especially moving when he translates “hamburger” into his native Russian.


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