Elearning Update Conference – 6-8 August, Emperor’s Palace, Gauteng

With one week to go, and more than 100 delegates registered, for the 6th annual Elearning Update Conference there are still a few seats left. https://sites.google.com/site/elearningatbase/

This is a landmark conference in the field and this year will see more than 25 speakers drawn from industry and academia, ranging from professors, producers of elearning materials, users of elearning materials, and managers of learning units that use elearning in its various forms. The theme for this year is Blended Learning – perfecting the blend. The concept of elearning is fast merging with Blended learning. This begs the question, what is blended learning? What are we blending with what? What are the ingredients that should be blended, and what rules govern the mix?

The term Blended learning in itself is problematic with a number of people suggesting that we should rather use the term Multimodal learning – which, of course, has implications of its own. This conference will explore the practical, theoretical, business and academic aspects to consider when one designs a blended learning solution.
For more information and to register, please visit the Elearning Update Website at

Or call 082 558 5311/ 012 343 3339 / 012 756 4353

Topics include:
Who’s doing what to whom and where? Beyond time and place: blended learning in architecture studies; The Digital Transformation of Education; Using Gaming technology to develop learning content – Next generation e-learning, Learning with Game based learning in a 3D world – how does this perfect the blend? ICT, OER, and education: why we are still trapped by old educational models? Podcasts for teaching and learning: Students experiences from different; The mythis of elearning; Why eBook publishers are hampering the “outside the box” thinking required for blended education; Blended learning or a blend of learning or a learning blend or a blend of…??? Video as primary online content delivery medium, Nurturing a reflective mindset with online learning; Implementing a blended learning approach to secure authentic and autonomous skills learning. Perfecting the blend: Adding mobile phones to the mix; Dunlop or Firestone? Blended learning in the 21st Century: What the 70:20:10 framework offers for learning in Africa; Incubating Online Course Design and Development at African Universities. The computer music blend; What are (w)e learning in e-learning? Mind full or Mindful? First Principles of Learning Design

Special product launch: SquirrelThat app

Speakers include:
Prof Johannes Cronje, Dr Adele Botha, Brenda Mallinson, Diana Stepner, Irvin van Stavel, Dr Jacobus Liebenberg, Prof Rob Branch, Jolanda Morkel, Kevin McCaffrey, Mari van Wyk, Marinkie Madiope, Moira de Roche, Neil Butcher, Nico Baird, Patrick Kayton, Vanessa Olivier, Frank Smit and Willie Maritz

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