Govt to shortlist 20 landmark milestones to mark democracy


PRETORIA: (By Yasir Habib Khan)– South Africa is on go to shortlist 20 landmark achievements to spread sense of pride as  a part of series of  20 years of democracy.

In this regard, ANC government has mapped out a build-up plan to mark the 20 years of liberation and the plan entails sorting out 20 remarkable milestones to boost the nationalism among the people.

Arts and Culture Minister Paul Mashatile shared the snippets of plan to  reporters at the North West Provincial Summit on Moral Regeneration and Social Cohesion in Mahikeng.

“This historic occasion presents an opportunity for us as South Africans to reflect on how our freedom and democracy was achieved,” he said.

Mashatile said the celebrations will also be an opportunity “to look back and celebrate the progress we have made since 1994 to deepen the gains of our freedom and democracy”. He said the celebrations were an opportunity for the nation to work together to implement the National Development Plan  (NDP): Vision 2030 as basis for collective action and partnerships across society. The plan seeks to end poverty and reduce inequality by 2030.

“South Africa, despite the many challenges that we still face, has a lot to celebrate. The South Africa of today is indeed better that the South African of 1994.

“Massive progress has been made in areas such as strengthening institutions that support our democracy, improving social and economic infrastructure, expanding and democratising service provision, doing away with apartheid spatial planning and expanding the social security net,” he said.

Mashatile said the South Africa of today was a country at peace with itself and the world.

Following the resolutions of the country’s first-ever National Summit on Social Cohesion and Nation Building at the birth place of the Freedom Charter in Kliptown last year, the Arts and Culture Department appointed 56 Advocates for Social Cohesion, who have already been introduced to President Jacob Zuma.

The minister said in partnership with the Advocates for Social Cohesion, they had launched a year-long, build-up programme that will culminate in Freedom Day celebrations on April 27, next year.

“As we implement this build-up programme, we will be equally advancing some of the key resolutions of our National Summit on Social Cohesion.

“It also includes mobilising South Africans behind the NDP Vision 2030, as an articulation of our prosperous and shared future,” he said. Mashatile said this included acknowledging unsung heroes and heroines in the communities.

“We look forward to working with all provinces, including the North West, as we roll out our build-up programme towards the celebrations of 20 years of liberation,” he said.

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