‘Everybody loves voting’

mugabeposter ‘Everybody loves voting’

The streets of Harare were a hive of activity as Zanu-PF and the MDC-T unleashed their foot soldiers to convince people to vote for them ahead of today’s polls.

Zanu-PF’s supporters distributed free copies of the government-published The Herald, with a front page that tipped Mugabe to win the elections.

Not to be outdone, MDC-T supporters also came out in their numbers, handing out free copies of a glossy four-page A3 newsletter telling potential voters why they should vote for Morgan Tsvangirai.

Voters and non-voters alike were excited about the elections.

Said Tinayi Maridzo: “I haven’t decided who to vote for. I will sleep over it and decide in the morning.”

Iyasa Matata said he was excited about voting. “I need to vote, everyone loves voting. I will vote for Mugabe. I love him.”

Michael Magidi said he would not vote. He said it was time for change.

“I want us to begin a new Zimbabwe. This government has ruled Zimbabwe for a long time They must step aside. We need new ideas.”

Another voter, who refused to be named, said: “I’m not so sure about free and fair. But I don’t care who wins.”

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