Agencies must Challenge Clients on New Thinking — Olagundoye

Mr. Wole Olagundoye, chief executive officer of EXP Nigeria and organisers of Africa Experiential Marketing Summit (AEMS), has urged agencies in experiential marketing business and others to continually challenge conservative clients to embrace new thinking in the profession rather than always being scared of doing anything beyond traditional realms.

Olagundoye, who spoke to newsmen at the recently held Africa Experiential Marketing Summit in Lagos, also promised to consolidate on the successes recorded at the maiden edition of the summit in Nigeria.  “Whereas we cannot do all these things, the clients on the brand side need to begin to develop the courage to be able to do these things because they are always scared of doing anything that are beyond traditional realms. We have to start challenging these frontiers and pushing these boxes as well”, he said.

Highlighting the success of the programme, Olagundoye said “we have a diverse audience here, ranging from people from fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), banking, telecoms, manufacturing as well as media agencies. So I think, for a very first event, we have done very well and what we are looking forward to doing is building on the success of this first one and taking that to subsequent years.”

Olagundoye said the goal of the company is to differentiate itself in the marketplace. “For us, this is how to differentiate ourselves in the market. Things are evolving but we need to get into the mix and as you can see from the case studies that are being shown, the world is moving on a fast pace and we cannot be left behind”.

Speaking on whether the Nigerian market would be able to accommodate some of the experiential marketing case studies shown at the event, the frontline experiential marketer said that Nigerian market is sophisticated enough to begin to demonstrate some of those cases highlighted at the programme.

“Of course we are and to put things in proper perspective, some of the things that the facilitator showcased in some way or form have happened here and has been done here already but we haven’t chronicled them properly, so we don’t have the documentation of them such that we can show them. People don’t have faith that it’s going to happen like this or just haven’t really followed the process properly, but some of these things have happened here and to tell you the truth, a lot of those things can be done here too,” he said.

On technology he said “we have the technology and we can do them but what we need is collaboration with clients and brand managers to take the bull by the horn and do things that have not been done before. Everybody fears for their careers and they fear that if anything goes wrong their careers will be on the line so because of that they stay with things that are normal and usual to be on a safer side.”

“But we need to start challenging that line of thinking and start to push things away. We can do anything we set our minds to do in this country and it is one of the reasons I personally have been in this industry because I wake up every morning thinking of the next big thing we are going to do. There is no limit to what you can do in this business,” he enthused.

Facilitators at the maiden edition of the summit in Lagos include Olu Akanmu, former chief marketing officer, Airtel, Carol Abade, Group CEO, EXP International and Dan Hanover, editor of Event Marketer magazine, the world’s leading provider of experiential marketing content.

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