Wits fires 2 for sexual harassment

wits3 Wits fires 2 for sexual harassment

Two Witwatersrand University staffers were fired today after being found guilty of sexual harassment.

The dismissals followed disciplinary hearings, chaired by independent senior counsel, said rector Adam Habib.

The university received the outcome today.

“The staff members have been found guilty of sexual harassment and misconduct, and one of them has also been found guilty of sexual/indecent assault.”

The university apologised to the students who were harassed and said it would not tolerate any form of sexual harassment.

“There are two cases still running at the moment and the university will announce the outcomes of these two cases in the next few weeks, as the outcomes become available.”

A campus-wide probe into sexual harassment, assessing existing policies and procedures to prevent further sexual harassment, was expected to be completed within two weeks.

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