Zimbabweans queue for ‘a better government’

elections1 Zimbabweans queue for ‘a better government’

It’s about 8 degrees Celsius in Harare this morning, but as early as 5:30am people were already queuing at polling stations in Mbare outside Harare to cast their votes.

Jey Mayibviseni, who was first in the queue of one of the five polling stations in Mbare, said he had woken up at 3am and walked a distance of about 20km.

“It’s too cold but I don’t mind. I want to cast my vote as early as possible.”

He said he was encouraged by the fact that this time around there is no violence.

“The situation is very good now, there is no violence. I don’t know what will happen after the polls but it looks good for now.”

First-time voter Patience Makwambe said she was very excited. “I hope the new government will bring jobs, health facilities and good education.”

The five polling stations in Mbare were manned by police. They all opened promptly at 7am. By 7:20am queues at all five of them were meandering like streams across the open fields of Mbare.

Voters were chatting excitedly. The Southern African Development Community’s observers walked up and down across the open field to see if voting was friction free.

Voter Gretta Muzyondiwa said: “I want to changed the situation. I’m a vendor and I don’t want to continue like this. I want a better job and I hope the new government will bring that.”

Takarindwa Moyowatidhi, who also first in one of the queues, expressed a similar view: “The situation is so difficult now. It’s hard to live, there are no jobs and money is hard to come by. I really want a better government”.

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