Claim for seeking Dialogue: FCT Minister needs Psychological Evaluation- Tukur Mamu

  • Gives Bala, Bomoi ultimatum to sue him or they be sued

  • Says NUJ President is feeding fat on poor Members

By Our Correspondent                                               

Contrary to mischievous insinuations being peddled allegedly by the embattled Federal Capital Territory Minister, Sen. Bala Muhammad and his agents that the publisher of DESERT HERALD newspaper Mallam Tukur Mamu is desperately seeking to reconcile with him, Mamu told this reporter in an exclusive encounter that “it is the last thing I will ever do especially with insensitive and corrupt political appointee that has woefully failed to deliver despite the billions of naira at his disposal”. Tukur Mamu said in the entire history of the federal capital territory administration internally generated revenue has never been so mismanaged and in most instances under declared by officials of the FCT administration.

Responding to question that he has abandoned the project of the widely publicize book “FCT Administration: The Rot Within! and now seeking to dialogue with the FCT Minister, Mamu said “If I am the same person that confronted and so far survived the multi million naira mischief and blackmail project initiated and being supervise by the minister himself, if I remain the same person that challenged the FCT minister and his equally corrupt director of treasury, Ibrahim Bomoi to sue me since 18th June, 2013 after they sent a letter demanding my apology and retraction within 7 days, if I happen to be the same Tukur Mamu that refused be cowed by their intimidation and series of threats to my life; if Allah has saved me from their machinations of concocting ‘evidence’, fabricating lies and formulating all sorts of criminality with the sole aim to implicate me through the SSS and the police and by and large if I happen to be the same person that survived the intrigues of Bala Muhammad and his agents to use the compromised leadership of the NUJ against my person and DESERT HERALD and above all if with all the solidarity and support I have been enjoying nationally and internationally as a result of an entire ministry and its resources engaging in a battle to destroy me and my paper by all means, I really don’t know what will make me to be so ungrateful to Allah to seek to dialogue with somebody that has woefully failed to even solve his own challenges. If Bala is Almighty and he has the licence to life and death I believe I would have been history by now. What I leant from the holy Qur’an is to fear Allah alone and to seek for help and assistance only from Him not from a mortal that has absolutely temporary powers that is if he even has. I never and will never admire irresponsible leaders in my life.

Even if Bala and his agents have keys to life and death (not even resources) I swear by Allah I will never initiate or seek to dialogue with him or to seek for his forgiveness because of the threat. I rather die with honour than to do that. So the claim that I am seeking for dialogue with him is just part of the tales from those that are deceiving him daily and taking advantage of his imbecility to get as much as they could from the fight against me. Many people particularly journalists have benefitted and are still benefitting from the war against me. The most lucrative business in FCTA today has shifted from the lobby of land allocation to discussing Tukur Mamu and providing ways and means of destroying him and his company. Any junk writer that can write any rubbish on Tukur Mamu is guaranteed N500,000.00, N1,000,000.00 and even above or even a promise of land allocation. This is what attracted the likes of the president of the NUJ, Mohammed Garba Balogun to take it so personal which resulted to subjecting the NUJ to public disrepute and ridicule. In this country we don’t have shame at all. Whoever knows me will tell you I rather die than to be cowed to seek to dialogue with Bala. He has already proven to be highly inconsistent and unreliably using blackmail strategy instead of truth to achieve what he wants. Is that the kind of leader that is aspiring to become a governor?”

Expressing further on the insinuation that he has abandon the book Mamu replied “I have said it in most of the interviews I granted that I will never be distracted in what I do. Time will certainly tell. All this propaganda will come to pass. They want to distract me from giving Nigerians and indeed the world what they will appreciate. They will prefer me to rush myself and make nonsense of the whole project. With the free publicity we got from them it’s a huge challenge on our own part to do everything possible not to disappoint our potential readers and those that will take a critical view of reviewing the book. I want to assure you and Nigerians that “FCT: The Rot Within!” is almost an accomplished work. There is no power except that of Allah that will stop it from coming out. We have a lot of options on the table. Let them do the noise and we will see who is truthful at the end of the day”.

On why he chose to be silent on the issue recently despite sponsored media propaganda from the FCTA officials and the engagement of Mohammed Garba Balogun leadership of the NUJ to do the diety job which fueled speculation that he is now afraid and desperately looking for a dialogue Mamu resorted “in whatever you do and no matter who you are and if you are indeed responsible you must always listen to the voices and advice of elders and associates you so much respected. Even if there is no hope in a hopeless situation I found myself in you must give their (elders) counseling and suggestion the benefit of doubt even if it will destroy you. That is exactly what I did in my crisis with the FCT minister and his mad dogs. Personalities I so much respected, elders I cannot look into their eyes and tell them NO including a serving governor, a senator and blood relations have all pleaded with me in many instances to allow for reconciliation or to remain silent and continue with my book project silently and ignore the ranting on the pages of newspapers and radio stations. I accepted out of respect for them not because I want to dialogue with Bala and to give them benefit of doubt but each time I tried against my conviction Bala or his agents will come out with a grand mischief that will require either my clarification or response because if I didn’t do and chose to ignore them it may send wrong signal or even put me into trouble because their target is real destruction. But sincerely I don’t blame people like Nosike, the likes of the NUJ leader, Balogun because without the project against Tukur Mamu the minister will not be approving millions blindly as he is doing now. That is why I said the minister is imbecile and requires psychological evaluation if not how can a sane person reject voices of wisdom and allow himself to be caged and manipulated time without number by people that have no conscience and people that are clearly incapacitated to protect even themselves not to talk of protecting him or finding solution to his predicament. That is why I am confident that as they will continue to suffer woeful defeat in all the decisions and machinations they organized against me and my paper and we will succeed in presenting our book to anxious Nigerians at the end of the day insha Allah”.

The DESERT HERALD publisher further said that going by the obvious contradictions of the FCTA officials since the imbroglio started it is clear that they are confuse on how best to deal with him and that they have indeed indicted themselves and that they are hiding something from Nigerians. Mamu said the drama of the last one month shows clearly that the FCT Minister Bala Muhammad and his director of treasury Ibrahim Bomoi are indeed corrupt. “What stops them from going to the court after giving me an ultimatum of seven days to do a retraction which I didn’t do and challenge them to go to court? The only case in the court now is the one they sponsored through proxy. It is over one month now. We said we will probe to the court that they are indeed corrupt but they want to be clever by half when they decided to engage the services of the leadership of the NUJ not the NUJ as a professional union to fight us and present a report with the blind dream that they can use a preplanned indictment of a union I was never part of to get easy judgment in the court. It is sad the Garba Balogun is using the NUJ for personal aggrandizement. NUJ members across the nation must resist leaders like Balogun because their aim is to accumulate as much money as they can even if the good name and reputation of the once highly respected union will die. While the NUJ’s temporary secretariat under Garba Balogun is in shambles and highly unorganise, the leader of the Union is busy building and acquiring multimillion naira properties in Abuja and Kano. The picture below is an edifice he recently builds in Kano within five months. It is the same building he put his newly wedded wife. It was a secret marriage but don’t ask me why. The supposed leader of the NUJ is swimming in millions while his poor and impoverish members nationwide continued to suffer due to poor condition of service and without any intervention from the national leadership. If I were Balogun I would have concentrated in doing the job I was elected to do than engaging in a fruitless fight with a none member of my union. Certainly Balogun is deceiving himself and the FCT Minister if he thinks he has the power to stop DESERT HERALD from publishing”.

Commenting on why the FCT minister, Sen. Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi couldn’t go to court despite the letter they sent, Mamu said “They are afraid of what we will expose in the court. Even if I didn’t have anything for instance against Ibrahim Bomoi not to talk of Bala he has many questions to answer on moral grounds. Bomoi believes he is clever by declaring his multimillion naira Abuja residents at the Court of Conduct Bureau. He naively believes the commendation letters he has as the director of treasury in the FCT are enough to exonerate him from cases of corruption we carefully documented and analyze in our book. Where did he get the money to acquire the properties he declared? We are not even talking of the undeclared ones. Is Bomoi’s salary enough to be buying trailers of sugar and rice he is distributing as a campaign strategy for his gubernatorial ambition in Yobe State? If he claims to be doing business in addition to his government work as he used to deceive people has he not violated the condition of the federal service as recently outlined by the Head of Service? We will lead them to dig their graves and insha Allah we will bury them. If they didn’t take me to court I will sue both Bala and Bomoi in the coming days and I will demand for damages for defamation and for abuse of office.

Mamu said ongoing efforts to use the police by all means to persecute him will not change anything and will never intimidate him. He said he is not new to arrests being organize by the likes of the FCT Minister in the past and said anything that has so far being done by the minister and his agents has turn out to be a blessing in disguise for him and the company. Mamu further revealed that recent attempt in a popular Lagos recording studio by some agents of the embattled FCT Minister to manipulate his voice and probably use it as an exhibit will never work as further steps were since taken to contain their criminal ability to implicate him by all means. “It is indeed a shame that the entire FCT ministry and their agents are spending their third month fighting to bring down single individual without success. Whoever Allah protects no soul no matter how powerful can harm him. I want to assure Nigerians that recruiting people in DESERT HERALD and using them as spies or the ongoing onslaught will insha Allah never in succeed in stopping the release of our book”.

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