Oshiomhole Gives Market Women N100 Million

Governor of Edo state, Governor Adams Oshiomhole on Thursday said he gave N100million to the market women in the state because they have played an active role in the sustenance of democracy in the state.

On Wednesday, the State Government gave the market women an N100million interest free and non refundable grant to promote their trade, urging them to continue to fight for democracy and good governance in the state.

Oshiomhole spoke in a reception which was organized by the market women across the state, where he asked them to forward the names of twenty candidates to the government for board appointments. The idea is to give the women the N100 million, which they would rotate amongst themselves and use it to support their business.

The twenty names would be forwarded to the Chief of Staff, and they will be put in various boards in the Edo Government, so that market women would be represented and participate in the government.

He appreciated their solidarity to ACN in the past, noting their dedication to good governance and urged them to continue in the same path.

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