“A sordid conspiracy is being staged against the Moroccan monarch:”Khalid El Jamei

By Youssef Sourgo

Morocco World News

Casablanca, August 4, 2013

The release of pedophile criminal, Daniel Galvan, has caused an acute atmosphere of disappointment to prevail throughout Morocco. Peaceful protesters are growing weary of the coercive means deployed by police forces against them, and the implications and facets of such a controversial affair have become the concern of everyone in the kingdom.

Recently, the King’s royal cabinet issued a statement in which it affirmed that the King was unknowledgeable about the serious criminal records of Daniel Galvan, and that he unquestionably would not have granted him his royal pardon had he known of his horrific crimes.

This revealing statement seems to confirm the statements made by Jose Maria Gil, a Spanish expert on security and terrorism, in his recent exclusive interview with MWN, as well as the contentions of Khalid El Jamei, the famous journalist and political analyst, in his recent interview with news outlet Febrayer.com.

In his interview with Febrayer, El Jamei highlighted a cluster of controversial questions pertaining to Galvan’s affair, and elucidated to a number of matters related to the Moroccan monarch. First, concerning the official apology that many Moroccans awaited from their King concerning the controversial amnesty, El Jamei asserted that not apologizing is a tendency characteristic of Alawi Kings in general.

Likewise Mr. Gil, El Jamei affirmed that if he were informed about Galvan’s criminal records, king Mohammed VI would absolutely not have granted his pardon to this pedophile for the mere reason that it contradicts his incessant efforts to protect and support rape victims, in particular and children at large.

However, El Jamei thought that the statement recently issued by the king’s cabinet should have surfaced earlier.

The common ground between Mr. Gil and El Jamei’s statements is their certitude of the existence of a squalid party that seeks disability in the kingdom and “plays dirty” against the King in person. “There is a sordid conspiracy being staged against the king,” El Jamei told Febrayer.

“Where is the government and why does everyone seem to shake responsibility off his shoulders and direct it to the King, just like MR. Ramid, Minister of Justice and Freedoms, set a distance between him and this affair and considered the case as sovereign matter?” questioned El Jamei. 

According to El Jamei, the controversial decisions taken and orders given in the Kingdom are not to be always attached to the King, especially the one of using coercion against peaceful protesters. “How would a King who adopts a view identical to that of the peaceful protesters, who is condemning the release of Daniel Galvan, give orders to police forces to physically assault peaceful demonstrators?” asked El Jamei, “The king would be contradictorily condemning his own views if he gave such orders.”

Hence, the questions El Jamei raised were, “Who controls security forces and who gives them orders to use force against peaceful protesters? Is it the Head of the government? Is it the ministry of interior? Is it the intelligence director or the National Security director?”

“Whoever is responsible for the use of violence against peaceful protesters,” El Jamei added, “must be prosecuted without any exceptions.”

El Jamei also recommended that the investigation committee selected by the king to launch rigorous inspections on the affair be independent of the royal cabinet and comprised of reliable individuals, in order to ensure the effectuality of the process. 

Hence, while both the people and their King remain mobilized in quest for the bitter truth behind the liberation of the pedophile criminal Daniel Galvan, another party seems to impede their efforts, working sordidly and in the shadow. Mr. Gil and Khalid El Jamei, among many other analytic lenses, deem the party at question to be an entity that seeks to deprive the kingdom of Morocco of the stability and prosperity that made it an exceptional nation.    

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