Mustapha Ramid: No one was expecting His Majesty the King to revoke the Amnesty

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Rabat, August 4, 2013

According to a statement given to the Moroccan magazine “Al Ann,“ Mr. Mustapha Ramid, Minister of Justice and Public Freedoms, annouced that “no one was waiting for His Majesty the King to revoke  the royal amnesty,” regarding the Spanish pedophile.

This announcement of the Minister comes after the issuance of a statement from the Royal Cabinet confirming that “King Mohammed VI revoked the Spanish Pedophile pardon.”

After learning about the statement of the Royal Cabinet, Mr. Ramid said that “the courage and virtues of King Mohammed VI made him respond to the demands of his people to undo the royal amnesty.”

As soon as Moroccans learned about this scandal, in which the the Moroccan Monarch pardoned 48 Spanish prisoners by request from King Juan Carlos, a wave of awe and anger took the Moroccan street and turned the initiative into a matter of public opinion.

The initiative that some considered a compliment from Morocco in the context of the unique and excellent relationship that both King Mohammed VI and King Juan Carlos have became a political, social and a human rights issue, especially after the brutal reaction from the Moroccan security apparatus towards a peaceful demonstration that was staged on Friday in front of the Parliament.

In a statement carried earlier today by  the official MAP news agency, the king “has decided to withdraw the pardon previously accorded to Daniel Galvan Vina.”

The palace also said in the same statement that “the king had been unaware of the nature of the man’s crimes and had ordered a probe into his release.”

The investigation should “determine the responsibilities and the failures that led to this regrettable release”, the statement said.

“The king was never informed — in any way or at any time — of the seriousness of the abject crimes of which the person concerned was convicted,” the palace added.

“It is clear that the sovereign would never have consented” to his release, given the “monstrous crimes” he committed, the statement concluded

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