Wine fit for a (Zulu) king

King Goodwill Zwelithini Wine fit for a (Zulu) king

It’s wine that is literally good enough for a discerning royal palate.

Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini is a Chardonnay and Merlot connoisseur – and he particularly enjoys his own Bayede! Royal Wine Selection’s 7-Icon series.

Judging by its global reception, he’s not alone.

Bayede! (Hail the king!) – is the only South African wine range with a royal emblem and signature on the label.

The wine is being launched this week in magnate Sol Kerzner’s five-star One & Only hotel in Cape Town.

Bayede! Royal Wine Selection is also the first South African wine to be listed in China, by US retail giant Walmart.

“I want to make Bayede! our country’s number one internationally recognised luxury African brand,” the king said.

“I appreciate our country’s good wine.

“With the 7-Icon range of wines I want to promote not only this series, but the whole South African wine industry, both locally and abroad.”

Antoinette Vermooten, liaison chief of the Bayede! group, said King Goodwill’s interest in wine started when he was a guest of Hansjuerg and Franziska Saager at the Eikendal estate in Stellenbosch last year.

“There the king expressed his desire to create jobs and bring hope to the people. This range of wines is the king’s initiative.

“Wine maker Altus le Roux, who has the French wine making title of Magistal des disciples d’Auguste Escoffier, helped the king select these specific wines for the series.

“The beadwork around the neck of the bottles is that of women in rural areas.

“It takes the king’s wine initiative beyond wine. This is wine that also puts food on many people’s tables.”

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