Samsung Boosts Users’ Experience with Galaxy Device

Samsung_software_updatesSamsung has further enhanced the way people communicate and utilise mobile phones in their daily activities with the introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 device.

With the snap and shot feature, you can capture that moment and its surrounding sound with a simple click. Another fascinating feature of the phone is the dual shot, which simply ensures that you never miss out on a group photo again.

The frontal camera automatically takes a shot of the person snapping a group photograph such that his stamp-size photo can be subsequently superimposed into the group shot.

Nicknamed the life companion, Galaxy S4 peeks into the future and furnishes consumers with features they have constantly imagined would make for a more fulfilling mobile experience. The S translator features ease travelers’ worries by translating a number of languages into English, rendering the pocket-sized dictionary superfluous on trips.

The S pause feature, which is another first from the stables of Samsung, automatically pauses whatever it is you may be watching once your eyes are off the screen. So, if you were to fall asleep while watching a movie or suffer any other form of distraction, the S Pause halts your video and readies it for playing once your eyes are back on the screen.

Watching high definition films on the device is particularly enchanting due to the amoled screen that allows for rich colours, and razor sharp images with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. In terms of features and ease of use, the Galaxy S series excels with improvements and innovations that combine to create a device aptly described as a life companion. For instance, the S health app tracks one’s steps, calories, sleep, and even diet, thereby monitoring and managing one’s heart rate. Its battery life lasts a full day no matter how active it has been.

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