How to establish a culture of volunteer work in Morocco

By Yahya Bouhafa

Morocco World News

A major teller of societal development can be found in the extent to which its members volunteer and take part in community service activities. Volunteer work becomes a source of pride and engagement for individuals in such societies. The case of Morocco and volunteerism represents a unique case for many reasons. Moroccan society is known for cultural customs that highlight the constant need to support and help others by emphasizing the importance of family relations and cultural identity.

All these cultural features can be depicted in the various social groups and organizations that are devoted to volunteer work and different community service activities. In the last decade we have witnessed a massive change in the participation of Moroccan citizens in different associations that prioritize community service. Nowadays, one can be part of a diverse array of organizations that specialize in issues such as education, gender equity, health, etc.

Furthermore, participation in civil society organizations symbolizes a crucial process for individuals aiming to build certain social skills and increase their different responsibilities in life. This is an essential basis for cultivating civic engagement and social responsibility. Thus, the contribution of civil society organizations becomes an important element in order to attain certain social positions.

Today Moroccan society has a strong awareness about the importance of volunteer work. The best support to this idea is the amount of projects that were organized to help poor families in the holy month of Ramadan. The idea of volunteer work has become a major concern for a significant portion of Morocco’s youth population. In fact such initiatives should make us even more optimistic about the future of this country because the participation of Moroccan youth assures that they are willing to take part in the development of Morocco.

In order to maximize participation, cultivate volunteer work, and raise social awareness among young people many steps must be taken. First, young people should be introduced to the importance and purpose of voluntary work. This can be done in different campaigns in schools and universities and through highlighting the connections between social solidarity and civic engagement.

This will help foster the notion of “giving back.” Second, Moroccan youth should be informed about the vital role they are playing in the development of their country by their participation in different civil society associations. Additionally, volunteer work should be encouraged through organizing the way it is done and making it easy for everyone who wants to take part in it.

In conclusion, Morocco has witnessed an impressive development in relation to volunteer work, especially among young people. However, we must continue to promote such acts if we want to truly contribute to our country and to the development of its social welfare. The task is far from complete.

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