King Mohamed VI to receive the Families of Spanish Pedophile’s victims

Morocco World News

Fez, August 6, 2013

According to some sources, King Mohammed VI is expected to receive the families of the 11 children sexually abused by the Spanish pedophile, Daniel Galvan, who was initially granted royal pardon before it was revoked in an unprecedented move.

The royal decision to receive these families comes less than 24 hours after the arrest of Daniel on Monday August 5 in Murcia. Sentenced in 2011 to 30 years of jail, Daniel Galvan was remanded in custody, Tuesday in Madrid, upon the decision by judge Fernando Andreu from the National Audience, Spain’s highest criminal court.

This decision was taken due to the risk of running away and the gravity of offences committed in Morocco where Galvan was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for pedophilia. According to the same sources, King Mohamed VI is expected to express his remorse over the royal pardon that was granted by mistake.

Following the outrage brought about by the royal pardon of Spanish rapist of 11 children, Daniel Galvan, King Mohamed VI asked the government to conduct a probe into the circumstances of his release and revoked his amnesty.

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