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FREE Online Open Source Solar Training

SolPowerPeople is offering an ongoing, collaborative, free solar training academy for everyone in the world to attend. The #SolarMOOC Academy is developing micro courses derived from Massive Open Online Courses (#SolarMOOC) and provide a way for participants to acquire continuing education credits. 


SolPowerPeople’s FREE Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), is designed for anyone and everyone interested in the Solar PV Industry, especially for those who seek NABCEP, Rise, or UL Certification. This is a very collaborative effort amongst leading professionals in the solar industry, and active participants from around the world. The #SolarMOOC’s structure, Newsletters, live lectures, and guidance is delivered by SolPowerPeople as way to empower the masses with solar knowledge in a fun, interactive, collaborative, organic, free way.

Join the FREE #SolarMOOC Academy at anytime, and participate as much as you want.

            SolPowerPeople, Inc. is an ISPQ-Accredited, NABCEP Approved PV Entry Level Exam Provider. In March 2012, they launched their 2012 US Solar Training Tour bringing their live, instructor-led 40-hour SPV2000/SPV3000 Accelerated PV Design and Installation Workshop, featuring their Mobile Solar Training Lab, to underserved markets for accelerated solar training. SolPowerPeople, Inc. is broadcasting #SolarMOOC from the road as they roll their RV/Training caravan across the United States.

SolPowerPeople also offers a variety of services including custom curriculum development, solar photovoltaic design consulting, video production, website development services, and more.  

If you would like to know more about how SolPowerPeople can help you with your solar needs, please contact SolPowePeople at 

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