Moroccan Douha Assaou wins Qatar’s International Quran Prize

By Omar Bihmidine

Morocco World News

Tangier, August 7, 2013

Douha Assaou, a young Moroccan girl, recently won Qatar’s 2013 International Quran Prize (Tijaan Anour), a prestigious contest of Quran recitation.

Outperforming her fellow contestants, thanks to her talents and great efforts, Assaou succeeded to represent Morocco by bringing it much honor and prestige.

Following the success of other talented Moroccan reciters, such as Hassna Khoulali and Hajar Boussaq, Assaou confirmed Morocco’s reputation as a country of talented Quran reciters.

Attending the event, Lahcen Daoudi, Morocco’s minster of higher education, handed Assaou her well-deserved certificate of excellence.

Here, Assaou is the second Moroccan to have been awarded this Prize after Mohamed Boukosh, who won last year’s “Tijaan Anour” edition.

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