Morocco renews attachment to Maghreb project for region stability and prosperity

New York  – August 7, 2013 (MAP)

Morocco remains attached to the Maghreb unification project and to reviving it for the sake of stability and prosperity of the five Maghreb countries, said on Tuesday Morocco’s minister-delegate for foreign affairs and cooperation, Youssef Amrani.

 Speaking during a high-level meeting of the UN Security council on “cooperation between the UNO and regional and sub-regional organizations”, Amrani stressed that Morocco has been ceaselessly calling for a Maghreb union commensurate with other regional unions and has been endeavoring to make of it an active force at the regional and international levels.

 He also underlined during the meeting chaired by Argentine president Cristina Kirchner that the Union is vital for sustainable development of the Maghreb people and their neighborhood, recalling that King Mohammed VI has recently called for an ambitious and promising new Maghreb order.

 Amrani further underlined the “valuable” role played by sub-regional organizations and groupings in achieving continental and regional aspirations and their contribution to the reinforcement of international security.

 “We praise the laudable efforts made by the Gulf Cooperation Council, with whom Morocco is reinforcing its partnership for the settlement of the region’s crises, as well as the Economic community of West African States’ mediation efforts in Mali”, said the minister-delegate who also voiced Morocco’s readiness to support all the UN efforts meant to consolidate African countries’ security and stability in the respect of their independence, sovereignty and unity.

 He added that Morocco is also ready to take an active part in any efforts geared to confronting the dangers of terrorism, piracy and drugs which threaten the Sahel, Sahara and horn of Africa regions.

 As a founding member of the Organization of African Unity (presently African Union), Morocco is giving utmost priority in its foreign policy to the African continent’s stability and development, said the official who also noted that recent events in northern Mali exact that Maghreb and Sahel countries and their partners intensify their efforts to confront these major challenges.

 He added that the Kingdom, which has taken an active part in restructuring the Community of Sahel-Sahara States (Cen-Sad) will host the upcoming summit of this regional organization.

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