Morocco, Spain endeavor so that pedophile’s crime don’t go unpunished: official

Madrid, August 7, 2013 (MAP)

Morocco and Spain are endeavoring together so that the “serious crimes” committed by Spanish pedophile Daniel Galvan Vina, who was condemned to a 30 year-prison term before he was inadvertently granted pardon by King Mohammed VI who later on withdrew the pardon, do not go unpunished, said on Tuesday in Madrid, an official at the Moroccan justice ministry.

“What is most important for us is that the criminal does not escape justice and that he is held accountable for his crimes”, said head of the department of penal affairs and pardons at the Moroccan justice ministry, Mohamed Abdennabaoui.

 The official who met with head of the international legal cooperation at the Spanish justice ministry Angel Llorente told MAP office in Madrid that there are three options to settle the issue.

The first option is the extradition of the convict, which is not possible because it breaches a relevant convention signed by Morocco and Spain, he went on, adding that the second option is to open another case against him in Spain on the basis of elements submitted by Morocco.

 The third option, which is the most “reasonable” will consist in the convict serving the rest of his prison sentence in Spain, i.e. 27 years and 27 days, he further explained.

 The most likely solution is that the Spanish pedophile serves the rest of his term in Spain, in accordance with the agreement on prisoners transfer binding the two countries, he said praising Spanish authorities’ full readiness and support in this case.

Abdennabaoui, who was accompanied by head of the justice and freedoms minister’s office, Mohamed Benalilou, explained that the meeting was held in follow up of a first contact between the two countries’ justice ministers.

 It is also held pursuant to the decision made by King Mohammed VI to withdraw the pardon that was granted by error to the Spanish national, convicted of pedophile acts in Morocco, he said, noting that that the Royal initiative is “a victory for justice and for victims”.

After leaving Morocco, Daniel Galvan was arrested on Monday in the Spanish city of Murcia and remanded in custody by decision of a judge from Spain’s highest penal jurisdiction.

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