MVNOs Have Great Opportunities In Africa – Industry Expert

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) industry is certainly showing great promise as a development platform for Africa.

At least that is what Sebastien Crozier, the CEO of Orange Horizons seems to be attesting.

Grozier shares this thoughts about the potential that Africa offers new MVNOs entering the market.

He says, “African mobile markets are at different developmental stages and maturity levels and thus offer several types of opportunities for new MVNOs. Mobile ARPU levels are mainly low in the region compared to the other mobile markets worldwide, classical low cost MVNO models may therefore not be the relevant approach to differentiate from local network operators. Potential may rather rely on value proposition and value added services that will ease customers and their families’ day-to-day lives.”

Grozier further adds that, “MVNO is still a precarious status; industry should concentrate on reinforcing and stabilizing the regulatory framework offered to these alternative operators in order to help them ensure win-win relationships with MNOs at all levels of the value chain.

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