Why Liverpool Are Refusing To Sell Suarez To Arsenal

The latest twist in the Luis Suarez transfer drama took place in today’s Guardian and Telegraph stories extensively quoting Suarez in excruciating detail about his desire to leave Liverpool.  This blog explained last summer why Robin van Persie should have been transferred to Manchester United sooner rather than later, and while the circumstances may be different between the two (especially in terms of the time left on the two players’ contracts) it seems as if Suarez may have reached a similar point of no return.  While stating he doesn’t feel betrayed by the club, Suarez’s statements that a gentleman’s agreement was made between him, manager Brendan Rogers, and thus the club in his eyes is now being broken is everything short of accusing betrayal.  Just like van Persie’s public statements last summer that his Arsenal teammates were holding his championship talents back, Suarez has made a very public statement that his Liverpool teammates are not worth of his Champions League talents.  There comes a point when keeping the player is more trouble than it’s worth.  If Liverpool have privately come to the same conclusion the only question that remains is to whom to sell him.

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