“The Couple”: the best Comedy Series in Ramadan

By Omar Bihmidine

Morocco World News

Tangier, August 8, 2013

“The Couple”, a Moroccan comedy series, has been enjoying wide viewership despite the fact that Moroccans have already evinced their dissatisfaction with the quality of programs broadcast by national channels in Ramadan. Episodes of this comedy series quickly appear on Facebook and YouTube and a number of Moroccans begin to share and watch them widely.

According to YouTube, the number of views of each episode reaches more than 500,000. This comic series, which lasts no more than three minutes, has gained remarkable viewing, particularly because it deals with the everyday life stories of an old couple that incessantly argues over mundane things. Many Moroccan spectators consider “The Couple” to be an unprecedentedly hilarious and funny series, especially after recent disappointment in Moroccan comedy.

The roles are played by distinguished comedians Hassan Alfd and Dunia Boutazot, In the presence of ‘shoddy’ comedy series, ” The Couple” has finally relieved some Moroccans by the moral lessons and real life stories the funny series is attempting to impart.

“This is the first time I have been amused by a Moroccan comedy series. It is so funny, ” several Moroccan viewers told MWN.

“The whole family can’t help bursting into laughter while watching it,” a Moroccan father told MWN.

“Not only does this comedy series make us laugh, but it also teaches us a lot about the rural life and our traditional couples who are always nagging each other,” Laila Salmi, a Moroccan student, told MWN.

In this regard, some Facebook users told MWN, “Several million Moroccans are at last satisfied with a comedy series. Frankly, it has lived to our expectations; our channels must do their best to broadcast series of this kind,” “Can’t you see the large number of likes and views “The Couple” receives every day,” they added.

According to 2M channel, “The Couple” has reached 7,210,000 views so far through TV. In an interview with Al Arabiya news website, Hassan Alfd said: “The secret to the success of “The Couple” lies in honesty in performance, genuine role playing, and acting without frills.”

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