I have faith in Dlamini-Zuma

EDITOR — The story ‘AU upstages SADC’ presented an interesting take. While Lindiwe Zulu, a member of South African President Jacob Zuma’s facilitation team, was given the come-uppance as most whipping boys are wont to get, the game is not over by a long chalk.If anything, Zulu has already made a name for herself for calling it as she sees it.
As for the African Union (AU) chair, Nkosazan Dlamini-Zuma, she got her skirts crisscrossed in her pantyhose, for want of a better expression.
Having arrived barely 24 hours before making the gaffe, she can be excused for the mistake. I believe she is the best thing that has ever happened to the AU as she was quick to pronounce on the farce in Egypt where she made it very clear to all and sundry that the AU was having nothing to do with the coup in Egypt, this as per the AU charter.
She brought a refreshing perspective to the crisis now Catherine Ashton of the European Union has taken over from where she left off. Bravo.
On the Zimbabwean situation, I think Morgan Tsvangirai should have allowed her to save face rather than call her to order for lying; gentlemen do not accuse ladies of lying – it’s not a done thing.
That she gave a “categorical inaccurate or terminological inexactitude” some will say “inoperative statement” is not in doubt but she is your guest and you don’t tell guests to their faces that they are lying. It’s a No No in good social etiquette…I suppose this was said in the heat of the moment.
Of course Zuma messed up big time and one hopes she will learn from this as she has on her agenda other dirty black-spots in Africa like Swaziland, Madagascar, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.
She should use her visit to Zimbabwe to announce to all who care to listen that she means business and Africa is now taking a long awaited much-needed bath.
She is the new mother returned from a long absence from the continent and she appears set on cleaning the baby up.
I have faith she will acquit herself well!

Gutter Poet

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